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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 10, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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exposing himself called out at sfo earlier this to the woman as she rode by. afternoon. good evening everyone in about an hour this morning 7:00 belmont to the present will be attending a high price women were having coffee table and signed peace reception at the w hotel in coffee trouble on all san francisco a fund-raiser camille royale a guy without for democratic national committee kron 4 fleet is side looked and then apparently woman say he was there live more on the enough for bmw exposing president's visit. >> : himself. >> : in the anderson report from the president is expected belmont latest incident >> : here shortly as mutt imagine a lot of fanfare as to women got a show when it you see behind me the road ordered there were coffee the women looked up by the here the intersection at witness saw a man in the car with his hands down pants. third and howard completely shut down in d.c. police one described the man as have blocked traffic off in white and had started with dark hair is clean shaven this area will remain that dress professionally. way from the president on sitting in your white bmw arrives here it's closer sedan. belmont police think look at the protesters it might be the same person standing on a sidewalk exposed himself tool menopausal. airline outside w hotels some of them antiwar others are description bargains this morning very close to the here a calling on president to do more the help people description appalled the victim yesterday. police in syria and the militant think maybe another who saw group buys as a mix of the man outside a coffee shop. to the victims of to a traffic jams in the area a
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window and saw our parts drawer or a minister is down from the business we pleased to be a close eye on what's going on california don't know how long he was there. before the and saw and kurdish community center the president is him >> : latest incident has belmont not residents on edge listening and takes more >> : action in the middle east to that those kind of worry me >> : that the walk and have for our neighbors keep coming the morning sometime to go and i sit and do anything but to keep coming and the to work missed a kind of nervous the same people triumph lot for us because we don't we have different behavior >> : immediately after obama points of view and what please notify law- piece in live in peace. enforcement are san mateo >> : county and called the police letting us know what a prayer that arrives you'll happened also man's description. >> : get the dnc fund-raiser with the tickets starting at $500 knudsen 9 tarot virus d 68 apiece and the then continues to spread in the bay area state health obviously pulled out at this department will release new point not exactly sure what the president is saying numbers with a total of 14 tonight and severns a stow of those numbers hear six >> : cases all made county bins on the street at including one in berkeley intercontinental hotel certainly a lot people here one reported case in contra costa county and san hoping the president is hearing what they're saying francisco send a clear
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county solano sectors again and again see their barely any cars behind the counties all reported one case and the virus which was traffic not allowed in this the affects children area cable planning on having the roads want to infected 600 people across the country. it is not new avoid sonoma and napa get anywhere in the rose from but the symptoms have been six emission their mission's more severe than usual. when death and the buyers and it fourth missions all but closed and no one avoids is rare but paralysis is showing up in some cases somewhat until the present as i hear >> : doctors say parents should watch for signs of a cough happening today farewell to and fever weakness in the limbs. it >> : is new at five family all fallen hero but give the of from helicopter partnership with abc seven. members and fire fighters shows part of the recession across the country continue to mourn the loss of the carrying the body of the cal contract pilot who was killed this week while fire on a pilot so this week fighting a wild fire and while fighting a wildfire. sierra. outside the funeral kron 4 brought the level chapel downtown san jose from san jose khalid's today this was the scene on paying tributes that a veteran pilot. it was an regard could be seen saluting the flag what the jeffrey crag san jose a the emotional scene outside family funeral chapel 62 year-old was a veteran downtown san jose friday a pilots long thousands of family member spokes' friends felt fire fighters hours of fighting wildfires. exchanged embraces in the cal fire colleague says that healing of late jeffrey cry
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he made the ultimate con to kill the line of sacrifice. duty. sad moment we treat >> : all firefighters their life them as heroes and make sure and a lighter duty said they dressed and then i didn't care of moment but we treat them as >> : heroes and make sure they're the 62 year-old who lives in san jose veteran pilot addressed and taking care of thousands of hours of the during times of that they controls of his caught fire s t to air tanker base in need air to going down at a hollister killed when the patent the dog brought fire plane went down in battle near yosemite and we are learning more about the the dog bark fire near yosemite earlier this week. accident that killed haunts. q. what went wrong. >> : they had been getting ready to drop another load of fire we know at this time all retardant when he crashed know that the bonds know there had been no emergency recall the for happens and their firm and the aircraft itself still under investigation >> : ntsb investigators supplementary inspection at to dog just firefighters the crash site. >> : arrived in up ladder truck right now we are comfortable and honor of that to form to say at this point we do not see any thing that leads solid salute before the gray coffin touching moment ago us to any mechanical related described as a brotherhood issues with the accident. firefighters. a stow it was >> : one of our own and never since plane did not have any gets easy >> : structural problems did lift been doing this for many years now with our guard
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safely stand on the test due always a sad moment for our to tankers. now 22 of those department. and all the tankers >> : farmers it wide >> : developing story one man toffler statement said the dead another woman in critical condition after adults and sacrifice and what appears to be quoted the daughter sang the father also a teacher at uc attempted murder suicide in san francisco investigators santa cruz love flying golf say a man forced his way fishing hiking teaching into downtown apartment and dogs. he died a hero shot a woman and shot >> : himself. police had been called to the department three times last night with tankers used to crossfire a domestic disturbance a man had been grounded since that was arrested at warm quite accident at yosemite this charges of public stand on was lifted caught intoxication later released. fire says that'll safety and 5:00 a.m. gunshots reported in that apartment. inspection found no mechanical problems as tutsi the put men shot himself tankers and like the one credit card slime when an shot and injured woman and has been hospitalized. accurate when he crashed >> : kickoff violent its fleet 22 weekend forecastle king live tankers back in service. in epicene in san francisco the meantime ntsb says that chief meteorologist jacqueline is standing by should have a pulmonary report on this investigation what can we expect. >> : as early as next week. so for a chilly out there >> : today. away from the coast progress on destructive fires on interstate 880 as
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pre malls in the low the sacramento eighties for the most part through inland valleys. '70s and the north and south bay. this weekend things are going to be heating up. satisfied grass fires in the right now 61 san fransico 63 discount. started wednesday oakland 67 hayward and that along with the shoulder of eastbound interstate you was and still fog coverage this morning i was so learn today another home stubborn and a drug begins destroyed in the of from wednesday and the fire started and pete 6 homes with back to the coastline is vs out as next couple total loss to have been days dry warmer winds are going to pick up and that destroyed the good news will get rid of the fog to contained in up to 30 percent cruise getting an are only around a very upper hand nisei 420 a. have briefly zero clear pretty quickly. ec temperatures tomorrow back in the '80s burned when really fuelled for the most part around the bay area and are looking at this one lane east on 80 remains close tonight cruise the '90s and high fire investigate how exactly this danger. more about the weak started all lanes of these and blue angels forecast coming up president in the on a close wednesday people bay area air force one to report seeing higher tires burning along the touched down at a softball shoulder wednesday when the fire started >> : looking at the scene this afternoon what the president's had a fund- dense fog today really lender in the afternoon that raiser but you hotel
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kept things on the cooler severances goat kron 4 joins side. this afternoon for most the bay area weeded the us live with details outside '80s and and mainly the low the hotel was happening daniel r. is still inside? 80s at 86 s. dak 82 >> : ashley he has not arrived fairfield 81 in livermore. yet everyone is waiting as a 7/8 the north face and in south bay and '60s that the conceit that the street here at the intersection of immediate coast line with howard. between which aired the dense fog still lingering at this hour. in full sun. as a busy greece clearing here and of the only 15 minutes of the intersection there and the running area really bad. as plan to stop the flood satellite imagery see the far clinically into the coastline. again see the police are out >> : the fall returns tonight but it turned out a lot faster here and clearances as the tomorrow. we will see again sunny skies out there tomorrow. warmer conditions speed at the seeming >> : by sunday though it will get hot. those dry winds coming from the valid flying toward the coastline that will pick eddie and i can hear people up the influence completely yelling what's going on >> : cut off raise our concerns are on portions of the bay area and we have a chance of cash refunds you pointers rain next week for very active extended forecast to more red cross street from me in and see holding up the look at it coming up >> :
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sign and keep them on the fourth time this week please sidewalk in particular area on the peninsula reporting a that was for everyone coming case of indecent exposure. to this area right now there are sunny and your son the background a bit more on listen belmont a man the third and they're being enclosed himself while parked the car and two women asked to state back a bit just like every other person who was to come take a look in their 20s saw a man in at a presidential motorcade pre front of a bat location and >> : coming up a 515 were bets this today after a similar incident and although please are showing up happening in think it is the same man. the north by 530 fleet week >> : description given by victims this morning very close to returns everything you need to know about the show including the blue angels. the description given by paul public and yesterday. next do so might help this is a police sketch from people not gain weight paulo released today man >> : described as white in his 30's dark hair professionally dressed in driving a white new were modeled of b&w >> : there have been for in these exposures record since monday it possible for some brian street tuesday just a few blocks away man reportedly exports and saw the intersection of steal
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avenue byron street yesterday a woman running a bike said a man exposed himself to her that on that miller avenue today's incident and belmont. >> : more cases of enterovirus are surfacing in the bay area now 13 people will been made sec six cases reported in all accounts see one in berkeley one case in contra costa county. three in san francisco suckler cow any slot county's santa cruz all reported one case. buyers mostly affects children infected nearly 600 people across the country. >> : still had dented murder- suicide 7 cisco what we learned earlier incidents at home ebola scare in the west what people on edthis incident e quarantine of a plane. airlin sneak peaks of the fleet
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week at for weekend show >> : ♪ ♪
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to do with private social media photos which people thought they had deleted >> : welcome home! woah, this kitchen is beautiful! first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. give him the tour. let me show you! banking designed for the way you live your life. soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? so you can welcome your family home... we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. for the first time. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. chase. so you can. ikea kitchens. runs a school and putting for her life ebbing shot and domestic incident man who shot her kill himself happened early today and a 500 block of mottola street south market neighborhood. people say woman had been shot in the chest and apparently shot and killed himself. police say they have had several calls of
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the house previous night and arrested the man suspicion of public and cosset now, more and more americans are discovering that shredding intoxication and jailed but galbani mozzarella yourself inspires moments that are simply released the woman hospitalized the clear better. whether she will survive. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). with >> : heavy hearts and contribute italy's favorite cheese brand. were being held for a to it's a fresh approach year-old the nutria shot on education-- superintendent of public killed last week a senior instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. at the click on the bourse torlakson's blueprint outlines the double-team and the how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, team's going to honor him at 715 before tonight's and provide a well-rounded education. football game school officials present the jurors and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. into his father followed by spending decisions about our education dollars a moment of silence police not made any arrests in his should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. death. coming up next be tell tom torlakson to keep aware of bats see the hang fighting for a plan that around turning up the north invests in our public schools. bay and infect with rabies was cautioned taken flic fighting for a plan that i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event heads blue angels and action ends monday choose $300 in free gifts, today at our of tonight's and, get up to 48 months interest-free financing big show got a preview next >> : with any tempur-pedic mattress.
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that's affected with rabies turned up in two places in marin county this big con 4 marine kelly says one of them was found at a high school campus in the bottle tonight there's a warning for parents. >> : by all sides posted on the campus of sandron high school. students on alert about a bat that was found monday when a tested positive for rabies. a teacher found the dead bat line on the ground of the school parking lot before class. >> : a second live bat like this one here found thursday outside the school gym. at trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. least a few students sought. >> : my friend pointed out the back in the corner and well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. greece all unusual don't you i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because see bats. special around i lost my two children to preventable medical errors here >> : that that was euthanize and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. currently being tested
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>> : the three provisions in 46 will reduce center ought to let students or other residents in the medical errors and protect patients. area no rabies can be fatal to humans or other animals save money and save lives. yes on 46. they wont knit or other metals because rabies can be yeah, citi mobile. pay the dog sitter? transmitted through saliva and deposit that check? or nerve tissue without even citi mobile. a bite. news has substance pack your bathing suit? wearing it. freaked out. >> : niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. the school e-mail this letter from the county health apartment are the parents right. selling and ask their kids if they had any contact with infected back. they're recommending anyone who touched that with a bare hands get a series of free vaccine shots trade this is not the only rabid bat bag shut up and run county this week warning signs also going up around home depot in san the fall. after live and let the bat found there wednesday. >> : marin humane society says that it's not on her a bit part of. it's an important reminder to get vaccinations up-to-date on
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>> : violence in the sun around the bay area this afternoon level charts i from the bay bridge toll plaza high familiar little angels clouds your local ounce at the coastline the sourcing across slipped 7 to skyline at the golden gate bridge second practice before the will clouds continuing to weekend it shows for flic stick to the coast big thing festivities really getting is a real chill at the coast and low 60s. lo and when the started 1 been going on storm outside today in the already. jeff bushline '80s always for the most consensus go with what was part. 67 is pretty much happening >> : everywhere else. morgan as you know fleet week sued fog return but it won't canceled you do budget cuts be very extensive bill but economy and bounced back cleared out pretty quickly will be left the sun warmer is now back in san conditions tomorrow. but francisco get aquatics part sunday it will get hot will one of the best places to see those dry winds pick up see the blue angels fly to from inland valleys and my party had a special setting fire concerns the events taking place here next week by monday: down last night video that shot tuesday wednesday especially cooling as a chance of rain approaching the bay area. is for started off with a parade of ships and beat a what fog tracker tomorrow morning fog of the coastline u.s.-canada other countries see instruction on bay shore south bay will come quickly to clear at 9:00 in the will angels practicing of morning still sing the fog their air show about the
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by abundant species sunny city of san francisco. skies bay area wide by 11:00 in the morning >> : >> : was to the sunshine at >> : best pal is the navy has offer but blue angels now the all hope temperatures the only ones who are below warmup response of the we see a lot more a degree readings 84 in cupertino a flying under some pilots revival scuttles 837 clara practicing their team above 82 and san jose. we see if cell francisco bay area now these inland as well '86 and after going to come down the antioch in 6 also and san francisco you want to pleasanton. 85 for one get here early where tens of accrete '70s inside the thousands of people coming base. a person is so for this time was and is the here to san francisco to see result today solely through this show the chemical in downtown 7 cisco person news san francisco and thought at 6 is a the clothes were expecting from sun tomorrow maybe what it wants their afternoon. the blue angels home you can tune in the kron 4 tomorrow 3 4:00 we at at had the day off today will have a special show they did do practice run far we will have any issues with special kerman's some of the biggest ones is that and delays because again caught that our camera right up skies clear tunnel o'clock for the most part unless there and see those pilots fly the precision acrobatic differences coker temperatures 73 by sunday show in one thunen and touch dreier warmer winds picking that called fleet show kron up that will lead to not 4 news tomorrow three to only one or temperatures but high fire concerns and four reporting live right hills. luckily it year's here in the spirit cas
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arts and four passengers of things warmup this began a special sunday see those nineties and eighties inside the bay area the coastline he's right broadly better stow prewar monday to medical and tuesday view this one at kron for wednesday but that week's the own at antaeus will storm approaching >> : bring at 3:00 p.m. what our developing news are dollars tonight congressional panel special just at the u.s. response to a boil. send it has the latest plan of action >> : two days after the death of the first feeble patient diagnosed in the u.s. congressional panel meant >> : the mission's response to the outbreak in west africa >> : to be clear situation here about 11:00 in downtown san home far different from what francisco on fog near the is happening in west africa. golden gate critical is the seat funded in the show. no a strong public health and the structure in place to clear but before that will be mostly sunny a lot declare it here in texas. enables us to work to contain this fire more warmer downtown san effectively house homeland's francisco 10 degrees warmer in fact warmer bay area wide security continued in dallas thomas douglas three and the far not at expectant weeks after arriving in the u.s. trouble struck in clear a lot faster >> : liberia. washington dulles area as it o'clock hour by
5:19 pm
noon will be clear airport then on to texas. temperatures warmer than the public concerns what we saw today portions surrounding this event and of the bay area >> : by 3:00 hour warming even possible future public exposure to gold for more '70s a the other international travelers is tomorrow with a fog tracker understandable although fog will be following on the important to remember cdc's as stated risk of a bolt coastline tomorrow showing a breaking appeared to go into upright in the united states is very low. bay shore is reaching down >> : into san jose o'clock hour the five asian airports will begin ebola screenings for still around our bay shores after about 10 11:00 at the travelers though airports latest build the clear skies >> : include your extricate york the fog cleared the blue washington chicago hair and angels by noon at the a better offer field. some latest and even see worried screening are not sunshine of the coastline enough >> : tomorrow very strong winds out of to the sea breeze money at americans asking when strong winds from and the question why are we when dollars. all getting all flights from combination to the former condition he's in the south west africa and united states >> : in order to stop it we need bay for the most part 70 pottos 79 monday of also the uninhabited transit into and out of the country so we can '80s and lines 84 concord 86 bring resources there pleasanton '70s and saw the >> : bay upper 70's tomorrow. cdc warned number trouble degrees in some places 777 patients in liberia here
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could be as high as 1.4 cisco 84 the north bay. million by january. without help from the u.s. and world tomorrow just fine sunday even better going see fog >> : very briefly sunday morning. real see on the u.s. then even warmer near 80 airways and jokes he had a bullet escorted off the degrees in san francisco the war up will go bay area wide plane by officials and fall as we will see the dry winds has ensues >> : pick up and inland valleys with people coming off the heading toward the coastline between the time frame here all were watching the news raising temperatures also raising fire concerns >> : because of the gusty winds and dry conditions. about a thousand feet we do have that one effect areas passengers on a flight from highlighted here must bay the philadelphia landed in hills down to the dell talk as well and it fills up and the dominican republic down the coast also awaiting the arrival of the plane as it landed and included it will last one escorted back off. you just day it'll be quite breezy saw walking down the aisle to passengers had to sit still toasty monday check there for two hours the man out to the cooling tuesday had reportedly been coughing wednesday. as a storm sneezing during the flight approaches will be in the '60s low 70's both days >> : according passengers said and i have a bowl of your eyes is being escorted by that's with freebies showing said houses kidding i'm not up in two places in marin county this week including a
5:21 pm
irrefragable is certainly no school the at sign up today joking matters special uncommercial flights >> : at san run high a dead cat next somebody are considered bounce monday tested her hollywood royalty but positive for the disease a what was angelina jolliet second back discovered meeting with the queen of england >> : yesterday. some students say they saw outside the gym >> : that hang in the corner and so pre small unusual >> : animals see bats especially around here >> : warning signs going up here a home and center fell live back with rabies from their wednesday. people course been told don't touch any bass called moran is an insult him inside >> : developments as durable strikes again today this time loss vegas where nds] incoming flight from new york held on the runway for two hours >> :
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the internet just got two times more exciting... passenger delta drug but ...with two times the speed. this picture of the emergency vehicle outside xfinity is now doubling the internet speed the aircraft scare began when it on a plane began on two of our most popular plans. vomiting. cdc officials to xfinity continues to innovate, determine did not come from bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. a country with the ball out break. >> : announcement from a flight attendant on another flight wednesday. seconds later xfinity internet from comcast, several health officials now double the speed. apple has not suits boarded you at the curb in the passenger posted this video of the men reportedly said i have a bullet you are all screwed >> : thank you! this mutt as denial the escort of the planned to many of and light scarce since thomas their drunken man from liberia landed in united states diagnosable. thank you! saturday cdc's quarantine dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. officer surrounded that it's you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. a sick passenger at your airport. a woman on american so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. eagle flight madeleine tx checked after bombing. none
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tested positive for a fire starting tomorrow passengers arriving from apple hot zone countries have temperatures checked in at kennedy airport next week the screen will be extended to chicago when sudden york washington won a cult expert wine temperatures test provides assault sense of security. the tylenol ibuprofen this is an awful supers strategy for keeping the ball out. response from the health and human services no one is making a statement or 100 percent secure. >> : coming up a big step in parts east bay expansion project what will help pay the next generation >> : be sure to check snap chat if you have one. backers say they're holding hundreds of thousands of photos hostage. >> :
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hey john check it out. action is enjoying a chihli honorary dane in britain whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device insider joins us from los angeles where she met with in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine the queen of england today. >> : hollywood boat will see you but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv about side revealed. buckingham palace captured the kept clear elizabeth but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. anointing angelina. she tiny sharon is mean. pursued her royal highness i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. and placed her hand over part upon being presented the insignia >> : the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. angeleno assumption her honorary status prevents her from being called wont mark rose only purchase one
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citizens' control dame's how would news dree bench and julie andrews and light elizabeth taylor many forget was born outside of london at >> : first american actress to receive honorary title angeleno chosen by the clean for humanitarian efforts most recently campaign to end war zones such wallace >> : always pretended about early days of hollywood angeleno we first met was a wild child with a dark side. >> : but to every darker times didn't die on number lucky >> : transformation into a true humanitarian divided ago voted wife and mother of six she told 60 minutes of the old angelina has not gone away completely. it run have the side of me as place now belongs belongs to bread or belongs to adventures >> : where can news on the insider tonight at seventh.
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>> : celebrity news here on kron for the insider starts at 7 followed by entertainment tonight's and 30 then all your local news but at 8. >> : coming up 530 flic is back everything need to know including the blue angels airshow. once in a few years bowriders likely be able to keep
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going at a point station and antioch thanks t couple million bucks going toward a new station all looking more and more like reality beyond pittsburgh. station was being called e. bart begins people will switch trains this should be super high tech with the 10 mi. extension and to a station on the hillcrest avenue and antioch more directors pont put in to a half-million dollars to help build pittsburgh's station there in the middle and the $462 million a bart extension smaller clean diesel train which will be will seat 3400 people you see a picture of one right there trains suppose we much more environmentally friendly are expected to begin service in 2018. >> : still ahead coming up by 630 top stories including high priced dinner and seven cisco right elbows with this man president obama and
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flasher on the peninsula strikes again were the latest incident happened. they're double pilot automation open commerce to the teach tricks of the trade. >> : bay area practice shoat cut off because fog it won't be the case tomorrow we have gorgeous weather out there tomorrow and sunday see the show to want to watch bill be carrying it live tomorrow more on the blue angels fleet forecast + big changes this weekend unless the bay
5:29 pm
kron 4 your official fleet station plans to the skies practicing small is big air show that includes the blue angels. just live in san francisco latest >> : we are here at a quiet part severances go left 24 hours from now is places to be packed for people who come here to see the world famous navy blue angels other was preview of the show less take a video of that preview fantastic amazing flying. these pilots fly less than two weeks there to three from each other and find amazing pattern these are the best pilots the navy has offered san francisco is
5:30 pm
going to get a front row seat all the town and skill can make your severance us go then you know what tune in to kron for tomorrow a show 3:00 to 4:00 fleet week air show will be live right here at a quiet park and the millers will appear in i going to want to miss it dune and drive-in all fleet week acrobatics of the blue angels on your television screen here on kron 4 news can't say thank you enough. >> : you have made my life special by being apart of it. little bit more coming up (everyone) cheers! and about half hour of the glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. 6:00 hour for now reporting thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. live in san francisco kron 4 through all life's milestones, news >> : our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. can just go enough wheat weather may not been ideal congratulations! for the past couple days but thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. jacqueline sure some better i'd be honored. of their show this saturday plan for your goals with advisors sunday runs from 1230 before you know and trust. the blue angels taking the so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. skies with aerobatics tons chase. so you can. from three to four each
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weekend on your website find the special blue angels a section you see here fleet week special coverage click on that you see the schedule of events times this weekend also are the best places are and much more all here on kron fort kron4-dot-com >> : began to use the big crowd at the marina green see the annual parade of ships as kron for trees the stasi records were thus challenging most people say it's a matter >> : qualify conditions clouded the you for those gathered here at the marina green this morning says taken the great size of military ships passing by. all part of the parade of ships. if the conditions can't stick with the view that's news to the so stretching the soaked and every side >> : of the see our military and >> reporter: president president so proud of our military men obama is making his way to the and women i think it's moselle grips tickets are wonderful to see parts service on this by >> : starting at 5 unalterably even.
5:32 pm
our got jacket so bulbar off >> : the president wants to be a and services for weekend saturday. here figure was terrific >> : >> : >> reporter: the pilot that was my dad was a marine great to see this >> : as great the navy and great recently killed in a line of duty. and, guard a veteran organ or is in the navy >> : bothered checking out the ship had another purpose >> : pilot the 63 year-old san jose really exciting also need to see every day specially just man was a better pilot. he died to see a fourth of our country particularly exciting for me this and earlier this week when the plane looking to join the navy >> : went down near yosemite. has ease interest in the navy but a be a good chance >> reporter: please are looking to come out and spend time together he's treading on the country right now or for a man who exposed himself from a letter to georgia this morning to women in his 20 pretty would expect that >> : him with his pants undone. the this thought your the golden gate bridge and then prevent police think is the same man.
5:33 pm
the blue angels taking off but clear enough to do a is very close to the discussion practice run right now you conceive of returning by the apollo also the victim however tomorrow especially yesterday. >> reporter: a white man in his sunday to a different store the farm only to domestic around the time allotted 30's with dark hair and o'clock in the morning tomorrow with clear skies professionally dressed. for the entire air show by >> reporter: here in california sunday no fog all really number cases of enterovirus. producing more conditions warrant to in san francisco or more to address the bay area's but what we can there are 32 confirmed cases forecast more the fleet brought the state 13 of those forecast coming up a bit. as for the fleet week are here in northern california. festivities the marines showing the equipment they used to respond to disasters. mike pelton gets some of them are suffering from some type of paralysis. us closer look >> : part of the humanitarian >> reporter: a mother with for system a hit there bring in all types of vehicles like this was a sure how they your daughter accidently lead to respond to disasters. >> : child will share in front of their apartment and within as a vital piece of equipment and responding to minutes are realizing what she had done the wheelchair was gone. she does not walk is a
5:34 pm
earthquake or anything talent as it is incumbent stats are kind of vital for the scenario. really a need a transportation and she needed to get a round. if robin cargo moving capability and thought it was scrap metal on water capability to the sidewalk just simply return determine system takes place on the west end of the it. >> reporter: a rabies warning is marines and navy civilian organizations at the red cross setting up displays he can learn from interact with out here the samaranch high- such as a medical facility school after a that was found on campus that had tested positive this up this morning. also for the disease. the teacher station with filter water from you and taste tuned found the dead that on the idea how quick they are to ground of the school parking respond to emergency come lot. a second life that was visit this display tomorrow and sunday 10 and the found thursday outside of the morning to 5 in the evening >> : school gym. that that was and seven cisco kron 4 news >> : euthanize and is currently being tested. warning signs will also and on roughly week were asking you descendant sellers of these or other armed forces if you know be torn up and home depot. after somebody some of the vote a live infective that was found could end up on the air there is some really good there wednesday. >> reporter: large crowd ones post and to the
5:35 pm
facebook page to them to us gathered early friday morning also e-mail a breaking news they all are here to take a at look this is the parade fleet >> : again saturday make sure you tune in the kron 4 bring in the blue angels flying high week activities. people say that above the bay for fleet week they are just out to see the selection. the cool that is the saturday it 3:00 live exclusively on kron 4 >> : only on kron 4 vallejo temperatures it was pretty foggy mother says 13 year-old in the morning. it was kind of daughter sexually assaults the autobus police say difficult to see the ships. there's nothing they can do >> reporter: another big story of a certain law. stories first broke the story earlier this week now talks fleet week we are less than 24 to local attorney about that hours from the festivities that a lot and the story only see are going to take control of the on kron 4 >> : entire weekend. here in san francisco. the blue and allow this mother feeling so helpless nor did turn literally told that yesterday today i took this one to be providing that showed above san francisco bay area in to an attorney asked about the lot and asked if police could have done anything about it >> : economic down into san francisco do not worry us tune into kron 4 too scared to go to school i don't know what to do need at 3:00 to 4:00. an amazing show someone to help.
5:36 pm
>> : talking about the young of close the blue angels have daughter first show you her the best cameras and the best story on wednesday david says her 13 year-old performers of the blue angels. daughter sexually assaults >> reporter: the flea we covers good writing a stow trends boston vallejo monday. >> : continues tonight. postern set down with her put his hands down her pants. david said police told her they knew who was >> reporter: he will clamp behind the alleged attack the also told her that target and found out he had done syndrome. they said performing stunts. he is that the can do anything to him he's out there preparing i like doing things. >> : because you're mentally disabled as a means you're insulated from the consequences of your behavior in line purposing she is going to see the world law for more than 35 years like she has never seen before. she says this boy california penal code section 26 estates persons tucker heads of the young who mentally incapacitated eagles. he is taken more than a cannot decry crimes somebody should taken into some form of custody dealt with that million young people on their right away. and some form first like. we provide all money
5:37 pm
or another whether it beat hospitalization whether pete juvenile hall police would and on airplanes and what to do one thing. it's still just like. not talk on camera however they do tell us that if they continue to investigate as of right now have no plans to make any arrests >> : also say they are looking into possibility someone either parent caretaker should have been with alleged attacker. >> : (audio) not that he be prosecuted so much as he be talked to understand that behavior is not acceptable. and society including a 13 year-old girl coming home from school this to run on the boss will be insolvent >> : place have been working with the district attorney on this and also say they are close to finishing their case and it will be handed over to the d.a.'s office of then we will find out if any charges will be filed coming up 545 what hackers are
5:38 pm
no matter where you come from. threatening to do with private social media for those people felt that deleted and next will you >> reporter: the changes to the those people felt that deleted and next will you actually be able to shop okay, i'll send it. fore as this weekend tomorrow one hundred seventy-two dollars for a chemistry book. where i still want to wake up to just use citi popmoney. falk. it is going to be warmer boom. by the afternoon tomorrow it with citi popmoney it's easy to send money to just about anyone, anytime. will be one on sunday we're visit your local branch or to learn more. talking about hot weather sunday afternoon. clouds i center is that the '80s away from the trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. coastline north bay in salt lake in the upper 80s seven is inside well here's the truth: the bay cemetery in san 46 will save lives. it will save money too. francisco and 60 in upper 60s of i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because the coastline. the fleet week 4 i lost my two children to preventable medical errors class looking grim for the weekend will be sunny and mild and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce tomorrow at 1 on sunday. that medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. was across the sea breeze when
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is it the biting? ...we need to break up. it allows him to be realized it cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. is raising fire concerns red it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. fiat warning has been issued. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? gusty as a very dry conditions ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. is still pretty warm on monday but the changes tuesday as when approaches the bay area. >> reporter: we work hard to secure the best possible places view the fleet week air show went on to a broadcasting live during the show on saturday between three and four will have on israel to get huge lead never seen before on the blue angels
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break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. macy's employees could have their this concelebration down from macy's going to open 6:00 p.m. this is giving workers notified about the early shopping mall some posted notices on line retailer opening get a jump last friday shopping and through columbus day, female announcer: save up to 35%! get three years interest free financing on tempur-pedic, saying more this in recent years macy's the first major at sleep train's inventory clearance sale. retailer to officially announce thanksgiving day hours this year ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> : and is on plan and open its first brick and mortar store opening in new york city just in time for the holiday as this is according to reports wallstreet journal. amazon store on 32
5:42 pm
fourth street and the interstate building will even have some merchandise available for same-day delivery and york. customers can pick up on order is and exchanges and returns >> : another mild today out there today 67 days through much of the bay area the low 80s inland's things he up in of a hurry this weekend take a look at the numbers and forecast high fire danger all coming up >> :
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publish them could include photos of children airline septets those servers were not tampered with but yes victims are people were victimized >> : and his personal fun next expert. talk about credit cards that the cards as a whole new area power to people be >> : very worried if you did use snapshot cent per got a lot of images or obscene images where children have. and this is something that should make your blood run nice cold. certainly possible these images and video are out there that can affect you effect personal finances >> : cretonnes difficult people don't put those things on there because basically never go away >> : even when you think to do >> : this not a moral debate and this is your life your personal finance consequences of everything netiquette is very to your >> : liking a lot of employers checking online activity
5:47 pm
seeing what's posted not looking really good >> : small children genevan have to phones i had recommended these particular apps snap chat are not on the minors phone or i if they put to putting them on taking away >> : a kid makes great decisions these are funny ages to queens teen that it's very tempting >> : to people to of they've had this happen. certainly it have images out there and move them right now >> : after on your phone get rid of them. if you find something being published there is a minor involved big problems trout are a few trout can be filed north of >> reporter: 9 is keep providing the police otherwise of this in october. right here at at&t
5:48 pm
to all cells to treat an issue month bill cleared up park start our time and everything else starts at 5 07. in the first place >> : but retailers and kmart had at this hour is arriving as a a security breach to >> : louis. he had an injury but the looking at another major retailer hit by data fees is word is he looks good. and he a right here should be on the roster for >> : assume the worst >> : giants tomorrow evening. 49 is our way to go monday night. pretty mild this decalogue there today rents in the cooler side now specially inside the base. cluster the cozy in san jose right now 68 degrees low 80s it conquered the more the look the way fight in the winning play together the feeling he had ahead to tonight we will see the far turn and clear out a lot thicker than did today by 10:00 in the morning we see clear skies through much for the evidence is how they of the bay area and will be sunny and warmer tomorrow play. i know i'm getting two or afternoon. i get hot dry inland valleys winds pick up
5:49 pm
and cut off the sea breeze three a day. >> reporter: 49 hours and people green influence and also respire concerns really warm next week though a lot sat side of this are you sick of cooler and a chance of rain tuesday wednesday. but fog tracker tomorrow look at me and other media people the aba also to bay shore is discussing his coaching future? not o'clock hour is see patchy down to base course really by about 10 11:00 it will we will see clear skies and the close sunday see clear conditions is there a timetable by tomorrow. series winds will not be nearly as strong wednesday next week . he will those try warmer weather will pick up. source of they were looking mainly low 84 cupertino campbell sunnyvale aid to san jose. also in the '80s and and again tomorrow. will be warmer 87 disparate in livermore 86 pleasanton upper 70's for the most part and saw the day. at the coastline upper 60s of sunshine in the afternoon 73 downtown san francisco ended opera '80s for the north bay. >> :
5:50 pm
flic obviously underrated blue angels and the flood of much political as father and a bridge again will expect a clearer than in much the bay area by about 1011. not at the latest of the golden gate bridge clear skies wasnt 3 along the burladero and sunday we see very leave the game though in the brief fog at me cosigned first 44 minutes. temperatures upper '70's for the show. sundays battered ago nice weather they warm >> reporter: i read have you not up this weekend we will see some really warm applaud and leave me on the same temperatures sunday and the they're relevant cut me. making winds will start picking up rates temperatures in the '80s low 90s and of course raising our concerns a special about a thousand feet which is why red flag warnings have been issued 157 the neris for the united temperatures saturday sunday states. the camera left for lot '80s it even 90s by sunday over and over delta the no. 86 martina's parts per red flag warning about a thousand feet here locally as for the real fur concern as though be hot dusty those wins going through saturday
5:51 pm
early monday that's when this will expire. what another station. extent forecast for the this against a wall monday big changes in its tuesday wednesday as the storm approaches the bay area looks like we see little rain definitely cooler temperatures >> : coming up residence complain >> : are worth a why did the national media never >> : single and the next addition of people behaving badly. pick the giants and a playoff series. for 82 games at the tonight >> : civic for 81 times the games female announcer: save up to 35%! all-star to a 1030 on the east coast. you may see inning on two
5:52 pm
you don't see a lot of designers and ride down. >> reporter: there is no and like last night. on the one to tell you again is in someone's life saving some of self and being able to record his to the game made by getting drunk and not serving so much beer go ahead. i'm sure all the television networks would say i won't take your 50 million in advertising man. it's never one to work. lay off of the beer.
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play a woman attempted string from aren't marriage. this was in control for let the debt is rated r. >> : coming essex president obama and the bay area here for some fund-raisers make a lot of money some protests as always live in sentences go outside the fund-raiser and tribute for young man shot and killed the honors tributes planned for the young ballplayer. what more news straight ahead at 6 >> : bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning! is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop?
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♪ mattress discounters now 6 president obama and the bay area for the last
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round of fund-raisers and november election arriving
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> ever missing a bad girl? >> i'm still a bad girl. >> don't tell that to the queen. >> is hollywood royalty becoming british royalty? is it dame angelina from now hon? >> but why was she chosen? what other leading ladies share this title? >> then shiia kicks off his comeback tour. >> what scared you the most? >> jail. >> coming completely clean to ellen. >> they put a hannibal mask on me and a lead jacket. >> meanwhile, clooney's honeymoon continues. >> i know you're guessing paris, st. tropez. not even close. >> i am spending my honeymoon -- >> and is >> i thought she was dating a married, she's giving props to kate moss. >> celebrating 25 years in fashion. >> influential outside the images. we're looking back at supermodel who broke the mold. >> that definitely would come
6:01 pm
between me and my call vince. >> and our uncensored mother/daughter talk. >> it's so nice to finally meet you. >> connie stevens and joely fisher spilling family secrets. >> is there an actress that you think that bitch stole my part? >> let's go inside. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> first liz and then judy and helen and now angie getting the honor. >> hello, everybody. i'm lieu its aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. big news today so let's get straight to our top story. >> angelina spending time with her royal highness, the queen of england. ♪ >> hollywood royalty, alongside the real deal. photos inside buckingham palace captured the iconic moment queen elizabeth anointed angelina an honorary dame and angelina bowed to her royal highness and pl
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